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We have appointed a number of people who have a special interest or knowledge associated with pets and their health and wellbeing. From time to time the advisors will write articles or contribute to the newsletter or web site.>click to read more


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Burns Pet Foods  has been nominated as one of the top ten pet foods in the USA yet again in 2006.

Four consecutive years we have been at the top and confident we can maintain our superiority in terms of quality and health benefits associated with a holistic food.

It doesn’t  cost much to make a difference in your dogs cat’s health and vitality.




Holistic Nutrition and Your Pets Health - Home Page.

Burns Pet Health  is about exactly that - your pet’s health – you can call it premium dog food, premium cat food, natural pet food, holistic dog or cat food – the bottom line is, diet is fundamental to your pets health. Holistic Vets are unanimous in this point.

Click here or  the Image to read our leaflet on Pet Holistic Nutrition

Burns Natural Pet Food ingredients are chosen for their nutritional benefits and to complement every other ingredient in order that every organ in the body functions for the benefit of each other.  

The Burns recipes were developed in Scotland and now manufactured in the USA. Based on a combination of Macrobiotic and Traditional Chinese Nutritional approaches to health, you will find out about why Burns Products, using holistic principles, makes a difference to your pets health.

Using a combination of Chinese and Western Herbs, you can read about how herbal formulations are developed and what makes a good formula.

 Click Intro to Herbs for Pets.

We will shortly be introducing our homeopathic range of products and explanations about the principles. Understanding how they work and how they are used will give you the pet owner the ability to respond quickly to minor problems.  Click Intro to Homeopathy for Pets

Need to ask us a question about your pets health? Fill out our form and simply click submit – Click here for Pet Health Questionnaire

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